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Landeservice Provide Interpreter Service for SIAL Expo

Landeservice successfully Provided interpreting service for over 50 exhibitors from 25 country in SIAL Asia’s largest and the 3rd biggest food innovation exhibition in the world, SIAL China 2018 concluded at Shanghai New International Expo Center on May 16th with a record number of visitors, exhibitors and exhibition squares. There were 3,400 exhibitors (+6% VS...

Landeservice complete interpreting for APDC ceremony

Landeservice: “Congratulations to APDC members and outstanding Chinese designers on the international stage of the A’Design Award in Italy. Among them, some designers have won the A’Design Platinum Award through the APDC Overseas Awards Service Team. We will help more Chinese designers to go to the world design stage Bravo!️

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ACLE 2019 Shanghai Leather Exhibition Interpreter Service

ALL CHINA LEATHER EXHIBITION (ACLE), also known as Shanghai Leather Fair, is the only international level exhibition in China. It has always been praised as a grand event for international enterprises to open up a huge Chinese market, and it is also the focus of the global leather industry. Since its inception in 1998, the...

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Translation and Interpretation

Thesis Translation

How to Ensure the Professionalism of Thesis Translation ? Thesis are usually a prerequisite for obtaining a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Thesis usually use formal languages and are in the technical field; they may use highly technical language to describe concepts and ideologies. Therefore, when translating these documents, familiarizing with the translated vocabulary will be the focus...
Translation and Interpretation

Certified Translation

Landeservice Translation Co., Ltd. is a formal foreign-related translation agency. Because the ordinary translation stamps have no foreign-related effects,  to meet the requirements of Shanghai foreign-related translation and seal certification, Landeservice has been approved by the Shanghai Public Security Bureau for the record and use of Chinese and English. Special Stamp for foreign-related translation. Instruction...

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Canadian guardian authorization Certified translation

加拿大移民和公民 填写完成后保密 监护权声明加拿大未成年人教育 学生信息 姓 名 公民 韩国 出生日期: 年4月23日 性别: 男 加拿大学校名称和地址 加拿大安大略省汉密尔顿市主街西路1003号 哥伦比亚国际学校 学生在加拿大的居住地址 加拿大安大略省汉密尔顿市主街西路1003号 哥伦比亚国际学校...



English and Chinese interpreter, 5 years exhibition interpreting experience, untaken over 50 exhibitions interpret programs.


English and Chinese Interpreter, 6 years interpreting experience, and Landeservice’s first business partner, join in landeservice since the beginning of establishment.


One of best simultaneous interpreter in China, 10 years interpreting experiences.


5 years interpreting and translation experience, graduated from journalist department of Chinese Best University.

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Landeservice is a professional translation company Established in 2009 that has been operating in Shanghai, China for 9 years. We specialize in inter-translation between Chinese, English, Japanese, French, Germany and any other European mian languages. We work with some of the largest companies in the world. Our quality policy is compliant with the ISO 9001:2008.

skype: patric66666
Wechat: landeservice
Email: [email protected]
Tel:(+86) 18616712703
Addr:Regus center, 6/F, chamtime tower C, No. 3, Lane 2889 jinke road, pudong new district, shanghai 201023, P.R.C.