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How to Choose a Professional Korean to Chinese Translation Company

At present, in China, the translation of Korean language, the market demand is only lower than English German Japanese. The cooperation between China and South Korea is more and more extensive, but there are great differences in language exchange between China and South Korea. The number of Korean translation companies is also increasing, and we are faced with more and more choices, but there are not many professional and formal translations. The quality of translations often directly affects the interests of enterprises. So how do you choose a quality Korean-Chinese translation company among many Korean translation agenices? Landeservice believes that it should be considered from the following aspects.

First, the quality of translation

Usually the translation company must choose the translation quality. Mercedes-Benz and Santana are good choices in the car, but the translation service is very different from any other products and services. The translation process is a process of customization and creation. Just like the creative ideas of some people, some are stupid and ridiculous, and so are translations. Accurate and fluent, “faith, accurate, elegant” is the highest level of translation, such as Yang Xianyi, Dai Naidie’s “Dream of Red Mansions”, and poor translations often have various errors, words are not satisfactory, language is difficult Understand, self-create words, mistranslation, and even the meaning of the statement is the opposite of the original. If you pay attention to park, monuments, website, square, restaurant menu, etc., you can see the inexplicable foreign language everywhere. This poor translation will not help you communicate with the outside world, but will mislead your customers and even delay your important business.

Second, the translation price

One-sided price is the basis for selection: almost everyone agrees that this ancient training “high price for high quality goods”, but when it is time to choose, all customers who first cooperate with the translation company will often focus on the price. That is, choose a cheap, but not necessarily good quality company. The real situation is that a truly powerful company will not blindly push prices to grab orders, but will give reasonable prices according to customer needs, because they know that low-priced orders bring them not profits, but destruction. Enterprises can’t survive without making money. In order to guarantee profits or at least not lose money, they have to sacrifice quality and sacrifice the brand and reputation of the company. Therefore, you can’t just look at the price, but more importantly, pay attention to quality, otherwise it will not pay off.

Third, full-time translators

The main practitioners in the translation industry are translators. Translators can be broadly divided into primary, intermediate and advanced translators. Take English as an example to illustrate the classification criteria: English 6 or 8 level, college degree or above, generally think that you can do translation work, but 99% of them are at the primary level, that is, translation can only reflect the meaning of the original text. Lack of experience accumulation leads to poor words, resulting in more grammatical or syntactic errors. Intermediate translations are often based on the undergraduate degree in English. They have been engaged in translation work for more than 2~5 years. They have rich experience in the fields they are familiar with. They have a thorough understanding of the theory and practice of translation and have mastered more skills. And vocabulary, language use is more skilled. There should be no major errors in the translation of intermediate translations, and there may be some shortcomings in the details. Advanced translation is generally in the translation industry for more than 10 years, has a high language talent, has a relatively deep understanding of translation, industry knowledge and language knowledge are relatively rich, translation manuscripts can achieve accurate and smooth requirements. However, translation trials often have many years of translation experience in the translation industry, and they have deep knowledge of language. Finally, careful and serious is a necessary condition for translators.

Fourth, the success story

The customer’s glasses are sharp, and the discriminating customers will choose the translation company with real strength to provide services. Therefore, the translation company with many years of translation service experience will accumulate a large number of Fortune 500 corporate customers and famous corporate customers. There are specific service cases for customers to refer to. Small companies, no matter how they compile, can’t come up with really convincing success stories. If necessary, customers can ask the translation company to provide partial translations as an example of judgment. Make judgments based on their previous translations. Translation companies often need to keep their translations confidential, but some translations are open to the public. You can request a publicly available translation to determine the quality of your translation.

Five, after sales service

Translation is a custom process. Generally, professional manuscripts may eventually negotiate certain words. In many cases, customers will modify the original text because of temporary changes. At this time, after-sales service is essential, and the premise of after-sales service. It is a reasonable allocation of human resources and sufficient manpower, and it needs to respond quickly. This small company may not be able to do it completely.

Landeservice believes that in terms of the overall market development of the translation industry, the translation company or the translation team is in a mixed situation of both advantages and disadvantages. Multi-language translation and localization services in the context of globalization, with a professional translation service team, a sound quality management system, good translation, will bring huge profits to the enterprise; Loss. So choosing a professional translation company is a huge problem. An efficient review team ensures a high quality translation.

October 24, 2018
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