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How to Translate News Headline Correctly

As we all know, there is a large amount of foreign news to be broadcast every day, and the translation of these foreign news becomes a difficult point. News translation does not require the same depth of translation experience as other translations, but also knows the skills of news translation. Now that the earth is slowly developing into a global village, we can see the news of various countries on TV. So let’s talk about the skills of the translation of news headlines today.

On one hand, news headline translation requires a text containing full information to attract readers, and on the other hand, strives for innovation, which brings challenges to news translation. Translators need to mobilize various translation methods to accurately understand the meaning of the title, understand its deep meaning through literals, but not use Chinese features in the context to avoid misinterpreting the original meaning and enhance the readability of the translation; in the absence of cultural background, pay attention to the translation. Acceptability. The following points are English translations that need to pay attention.

First, literal translation or basic literal translation of news headlines. Literal translation and free translation are not disputed in the translation field of our country. The translation needs to be determined according to the actual situation. But whether it is literal translation or free translation, the content of faithfulness should be put in the first place.

Second, add annotative words to the translation. The news headlines of English newspapers often cater to the reading needs of domestic readers, and because the habits of thinking are different from those of Chinese, the expression of English news headlines is also different from that of Chinese. Therefore, in the process of translation, we must fully consider the internal and external principles and the reading psychology of our readers, and make necessary modifications to the relevant information, cultural background knowledge, and expressions that do not meet the reading habits of domestic readers. by deleting or adding .

Third, try to reproduce the original rhetoric features. Many news headlines not only attract attention with their simplicity and refinement, but also use the various rhetorical techniques to effectively convey some subtle hidden information, and make the readers enjoy the beauty in terms of meaning, sound and shape. Therefore, in the translation, the original rhetorical features should be reflected as much as possible, such as puns, metaphors, rhymes, etc., so that the translation and the original text basically match the rhetoric, and the target readers get almost the same feeling as the original readers.

Fourth, the use of translation weights. Sometimes, when some English titles are difficult to express their subtle meanings in Chinese because of rhetorical techniques or because of cultural and linguistic differences, it is advisable to translate appropriate Chinese titles based on English headlines and news content. In this way, different grammatical rhetorical expressions can be used according to the characteristics of Chinese, and make Chinese news headlines to achieve the best results.

The above four points are several aspects of news translation that our translation company needs to pay attention to. The Chinese translation is about the combination of “Faithfulness”, “Fluent” and “elegant”.

October 24, 2018
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