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Translation Needs Serious and Meticulous Scientific Attitude

Translation is a creative language activity that expresses the meaning of one language in another. The improvement of translation skills is a long-term practice and a process of continuous accumulation. Friends who are engaged in the translation of English nursing literature, especially beginners, should make more efforts in the following aspects if they want to improve their translation skills.

1. Strengthen their basic literacy

The so-called basic literacy refers to the basic conditions that translators must possess, that is, the basic requirements for translators. In addition to the noble “translator morality and translation style”, serious and meticulous scientific attitude, the translator must have three qualities, namely, a certain level of English, a high level of Chinese cultivation and a wealth of subject professional knowledge. The amount of translation practice shows that the higher literacy of these three aspects, the better the translation work can be completed smoothly. Regarding the English level, we should pay attention to lay a solid foundation, expand the vocabulary, and read widely. It is best to improve listening, speaking, reading, writting, and translating five aspects of training at the same time, that will improve the English level faster than single-attend translation. In the aspect of Chinese language cultivation, we should strengthen the training of grammar, logic, rhetoric and other aspects of knowledge by reading, writing, practicing. In terms of subject professional knowledge, we must strive to be proficient in our own business, and learn more about relevant professional knowledge; often read domestic and foreign nursing professional journals, and master the development of our field.

2. Training in translation practice

Translation is a creative language activity that is very practical. To improve translation skills without the practice of quantity, it is tantamount to learning to swim but not getting into the water. Of course, practice must also be scientific. If beginners do not have the guidance of an expert, it is best to first find some materials that meet their own level and do Chinese translations for practice. After the translating, comparing it with the translation of others. First look at whether you are accurate in understanding, and then see if your expression is in line with Chinese language habits, and find the shortcomings. As the level improves, you can find some simple articles on the basics of the profession for translation, and then gradually do the translation of English nursing literature. Adhere to the gradual and multi-translation, it will be fruitful. When time permits, it’s best to insist on getting some translations every day. As time goes by, there will be growth.

3. Learn from others and be creative

On the one hand, beginner can read more English-Chinese reading materials or English-language readings with Chinese annotations; on the other hand, they can find the corresponding original text according to the original source of a translation provided in the translation magazine, and then proceed Control reading. Through comparative analysis, we can find out our own gaps, learn and absorb the strengths of others in understanding the spirit of the original text and translation, and promote the improvement of translation skills. If you are choosing your own materials for translation, you should be open-minded to others when you encounter problems that are difficult to solve. In addition, I often read some books about translation, which also helps improve translation skills. At the same time, there must be a spirit of innovation. In the process of translation, it is not limited to the translations provided by others, nor can it be subject to the rules and regulations formed in the past. With the continuous improvement of translation capabilities, new expression techniques can be created according to the requirements of translation standards to further improve translation work.

In summary, friends who are interested in translating English nursing literature, especially young friends who are involved in translation field, should constantly strengthen their own quality cultivation. As long as they are engaged in practice, they will work hard in the translation field, and their translation ability will continue to improve. It will surely be fruitly.

October 25, 2018
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