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Comparison of Common Translation Tools

Trados: The boss of the translation aids (CAT) field for its powerful features, but the most important reason for becoming a boss is because it started early. When other CAT tools have sprung up, even better than trados, but Trados has already occupied the largest market share, no one can rival. However, the process of using it to translate files often encounters various problems, sometimes the translation cannot be performed, or the translated files cannot be returned to the original format, which brings great inconvenience to the translator and project manager. The name Trados is taken from three English words. They are: Translation, document, and Software. Among them, in the “Translation” took the “TRA” three letters, in the “document” took the “do” two letters, in the “Software” took the “S” a letter. Combining these letters is “TRADOS”. When translating a Word file, it exists in a dependency situation, but its Tageditor is very powerful and can be used as a platform for translating most file formats. But as for the real reason why it was acquired by SDL in June 2005, it is still unknown.

SDLX: It’s also a good translation tool, it’s also very powerful, but it starts much later than Trados. It can be used as a stand-alone platform for translating all file formats. The original text and the translation are displayed symmetrically. It is very intuitive. All operations are done in one interface, and the source and target files can be viewed from time to time. The function has a lot more advantages than Trados, but there are still some shortcomings in some places. For example, the MDB format can only be used. The code in the file is sometimes complicated, and the ability to recognize the whole sentence is not strong. After the successful acquisition of Trados, with the help of Trados’ sales network and reputation, it has successfully developed its own market and popularity. SDL Studio 2009 was launched in early 2009, combining the advantages of SDLX and Trados. By the way, the Tageditor in Trados 2007 that comes with 2009 is really bad. It’s hard to imagine that the version is high, but the speed is slow – even opening a TTX file sometimes takes 3-4 hours.

Deja Vu: A rising star in the CAT field, with powerful file processing functions, a separate operating platform, and a symmetrical and intuitive interface that accepts TM in TMX format. The best thing is the QA function that comes with it. The biggest drawback is that it has more code and is not very good. The advantage is that the process of preparing the translation file is simple and easy to learn, the file generation speed is fast, and multiple files are translated in one interface without worrying about the consistency problem. There is also a file export import proofreading function. There are very few errors when using it, which is much stronger than Trados. There is no “Save” button on the operation interface, because the save is automatic, so there is no need to worry about power failure, crash down, etc. Because the start is too late, so the function is better than the predecessors, but also because of the late start, the market share is not large. Personally recommend this software.

MemoQ: It’s very similar to Deja Vu. Just getting started, I tried to use it a few times. It feels good. Some aspects are higher than Deja Vu, but the code problem is a headache. It is said to allow users who use other CAT tools to transition directly to MemoQ without trying.

Logoport: Lionbridge’s free product, embedded in the Word tool, as to how its RTF file is made, it is not known. It uses an online TM server, which allows many translators to translate a file at the same time. TM is shared from time to time. This and free use can be said to be the biggest advantage of Logoport, but because of the use of online TM and for the reason that their server is abroad. It takes a second or two to translate the cell, and the translator complains constantly.

Wordfast: One of the few CATs that can compete with SDL Trados. The original version, like Logoport, is embedded in Word, but it’s not free. The translation is the same as the one translated by Trados Workbench. Unclean file The codes are also very similar and can be used with Trados Clean or UpgradeTM. Later, the version released at the end of 2008 was much more advanced. It was also an independent platform. The files made by PM were in TXML format. Generally, it was necessary to connect to the online TM to read the match, so piracy has not been found so far.

Transit: It is said that a lot of translations between European languages ​​use this tool. The Oriental language I know is only Korean  in using. Although the function is not bad, but it is very troublesome to operate, obviously no other tools are easy to us。 And the file can only generate and export the target file on the PM side. Recently, a new NXT version has been released, and I don’t know what it will be like.

Idiom: It’s a free tool, easy to learn, and the translation interface is similar to Deja Vu. The translation project for Google products specifies the use of software (previously Trados). The files sent to the translation are produced by the client, and the final translated files are also generated on the client. It is powerful and can’t be underestimated.

Transmate: Transmate series software is a computer-aided translation software (CAT) tool developed by Youyi Shanghai Translation  Information Technology Co., Ltd., and is also the first self-developed China translation assistant software. Its stand-alone version is free to use, which can increase the translation speed by 1.32 times, which is more suitable for Chinese people’s habits and better understand Chinese people.

October 26, 2018
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