Tips about preparations for the Shanghai Expo interpretation

In business activities, the exhibition is a very effective way to show the company and promote communication in all aspects. For some large enterprises, cooperation and information exchange between Chinese and foreign companies is a normal business development method, so the Shanghai Landeservice translation agency can think that interpreting is necessary at the exhibition.

The Expo interpretation is a translation service that provides instant translation for both parties in the field. The interpreting work at the exhibition seems to be simple, but it is not easy. In order to hold a successful exhibition, many staff members have invested a lot of energy, and its success is not only the necessary conditions at the exhibition site, but also the on-site exhibition translation. English and Chinese Level are also an important factors affecting the effectiveness of the exhibition.

Many translators don’t know what to do when they are translating at the exhibition. When the exhibition starts, they will be confused and can’t handle it with ease. Here, Landeservice will tell you about the preparations for the translators before the interpretation in Shanghai Expo. what about work?

1. Familiar with the company: Please ask the cooperation company to provide the basic information of the company as much as possible, and translate the company business in an all-round way. It is necessary to understand the company’s business management mode, corporate culture, market positioning and the company’s products, product application, product expression in Chinese and English, Product parameters / description, basic technical principles / product manufacturing process, product advantages, as well as the company’s main customer base.

2. Do a good job in teamwork: Clearly the main responsibilities of the participating team members. When interpreting, you can communicate more and promote the success of translation.

3. Before the launch, we must be interested in the exhibition very much. This is a gift and a gift from heaven. On the one hand, you can get in touch with the product, you can see its true appearance, enhance the concept and familiarity of the entity, you can feel its material style and so on. On the other hand, if you communicate with the participants in advance before the Expo, you can learn more about the product information and you can interpret it well.

The above is the preparatory work for the translators and interpreter of the exhibition. The main content is to participate at the beginning of the exhibition, familiar with the functions of each person, communicate with the participants and accumulate the translated materials. In the exhibition translation, Shanghai localization translation company Landeservice has done a lot of experience and has been doing very well. We welcome people in need to come to our company for consultation.

November 1, 2018
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