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What kind of Shanghai Translation Company is more reliable

Here, We summed up what qualifications should a reliable shanghai translation company have?

First: The registration date of shanghai translation company6:
Translation quality is directly proportional relationship with The company’s registration period and the services provided by the shanghai translation company, if there is no strong service strength, the survival period of any shanghai translation company will not be too long. Only translation companies with a certain number of years (usually 5 years) will accumulate sufficient translation experience and translator resources to ensure the quality of translation projects or materials.

Second: the qualification of the translation company and the quality of the translator
The more the translation company is qualified, the more translation services that can be provided, and the quality of service is superior. Because only with solid hard power, we can get more translation qualifications from the company. Nowadays, in order to reduce labor costs, most translators adopt a part-time cooperation model, and the number of full-time translators is the most fundamental manifestation of the strength of the translation company. no doubt The more full-time translators, the higher the translation quality of the company.

Three: customer case
Through the customer case, we can understand that the translation field can also know the professionalism of the translation company from the scale and quantity of the cooperation customers, because the large-scale customers generally compare the translation quality and the translation company’s qualification requirements.

Four: translation company’s service process and team
A formal translation company should have the following operations team and a systematic operational process.
1. Sales team: sales of products specializing in translation services, promotion of company translation products.
2. Project team: The project manager selects the translation service personnel that best match the project according to the requirements of the project’s professional field, language, and translation type.
3, the school review team: the school review team to verify the translation of the manuscript from vocabulary, typos, word spelling and punctuation use, to ensure that there is no omission, no mistranslation.
4. After-sales team: During the service use process, the customer proposes supplementary or modification requirements. The after-sales service team informs the project manager of the modification requirements and supplementary requirements. The project manager arranges relevant personnel to provide relevant services to the customer.

Five: business sectors
1, quote: If you quote directly, and the vague details of the quotation, it is ambiguous, Regular ‘s quotations are based on the content of the translation, the difficulty of the content and the delivery time. After fully understanding the customer’s needs and the manuscript, a detailed quotation will be given.
2, contract and confidentiality: After the cooperation is reached, the formal company will generally issue a standard contract with legal effect, and the corresponding confidentiality agreement will be signed at the request of the customer.
3, invoice: the formal company will issue the corresponding invoice.

November 23, 2018
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