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What is the difference between shangahi translation company and foreign translation companies?

When you need an urgent translation service, it is not difficult to find out when searching google.large and small shanghai translation companies are full of networks, and the level is different. Similarly, foreign translation companies that cater to the needs of translation are also numerous. However, due to differences in cultural background and service maturity, domestic and foreign translation companies differ in many aspects.

1. The translation task undertaken by a foreign translation company generally requires the target language to be a native language. Domestic customers have no restrictions in this regard, and there is no big concept for the mother tongue.

2. Foreign translation companies are more strict in terms of professional requirements. In addition to the language foundation, the professional ability is also extremely important. However, due to the scarcity of translation talents, shanghai translation companies are more relaxed about whether translators have professional knowledge, and in the eyes of many laymen, they can translate as long as they understand the language.

3. Foreign translation companies are more concerned about the quality of translation than the time limit for translation. In contrast, many domestic translation companies, many customers have clear requirements for the deadline, so it is difficult to guarantee the quality of translation. However, we should be clear about the simple truth that “there is no need to eat hot tofu” and “slow work out”. Everything needs a certain period of time. It should give more time to translate this complicated work, so that it can be completed satisfactorily. it is good.

4. Another point is that many foreign customers are happy to provide explanations of professional vocabulary or difficult sentences to seek the best communication with the final reader or user. This is the most fundamental purpose of translation. It may be the influence of cultural conditions, and domestic customers are more inclined to hand over the translation task to the translation company.

To understand the difference between domestic and foreign translation companies is to understand our shortcomings and advantages, and to improve our efforts to achieve the best translation results.

November 25, 2018
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