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notes of visa translation by shanghai translation company

At present, the number of Chinese residents go abroad to study, immigration, work, and labor dispatch has increased year by year. At present, as long as it involves going abroad, it is necessary to translate the relevant documents into the corresponding languages. How much do you know about the importance of translation and certification of visa materials? landeservice gave everyone the precautions and related issues concerning the translation and certification of visa materials for going abroad.

The translation of visa materials for overseas travel involves relevant agencies: national embassies and notaries. Ministry of Civil Affairs, Human Resources and Labor and Social Security Department, Study Abroad Service Center and Exit and Entry Management Center.

First, the translation of foreign visa materials:
1. The translation of visa materials for overseas travel requires the translation company to stamp the special seal for translation, otherwise it is considered invalid! Because most countries and related institutions need translation companies to stamp the translation of the official seal, details you need to consult the visa agency of the relevant country.
2. The translation of the visa materials for overseas travel requires the signature of the translator, date of the translation, qualification information, telephone number, the address of the unit, etc., so that the relevant agencies can confirm the information; the translator must provide the following information:
1. The exact translation of the original document
2. Translation date
3 translator’s full name and signature
4 translator’s contact information

Second, the specific requirements for visa translation and stamping:
1. Translating the company’s seal position: In most cases, the translation stamp is stamped in the lower right corner of each page of the document, and is also placed in the lower left corner of the document or in the lower center.

2. Additional requirements in addition to the seal: In most cases, the institution to be handled has no special instructions or requirements and can be stamped; individual national agencies also require the address, contact number, and interpreter of the translation agency to be attached to the lower part of the document. Name and contact number. Specific requirements, the customer needs to consult with the relevant agencies, and then explain to the translation company, so as not to delay the itinerary and time.

3. Translation company official seal requirements: generally require Chinese and English bilingual official seals, as well as Chinese and English bilingual translation special chapters.

4. Does the shanghai translation company have the qualification to translate visa materials: In theory, any unit registered with the administrative department of industry and commerce is eligible to provide translation and seal services, but the core and basis of the translation and seal service is “translation” rather than “ stamp”. Accurate, complete and decent translation is the core value of “translation and seal”.

Translation of visa materials
Third, the translation of visa materials related issues:

1. Why do I need to translate and stamp?
In order to ensure the consistency of the original and translated documents of foreign-related materials, the national authorities such as the embassies and consulates, the public prosecution law, the industrial and commercial bureau, the foreign exchange administration, the tax bureau, the labor bureau, the education bureau, the notary office, the marriage registration office, etc. A stamped certificate from a qualified translation company is required.

2. What should I pay attention to when translating and stamping?
(1) Whether the special seal for translation and the official seal of the company are clear;
(2) Whether the translation chapter and the official seal cover the position;
(3) Whether the translation agency is qualified: there is a business license issued by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, an organization code certificate, a nationally recognized translation-specific seal, and a translation agency generally established for more than five years is highly qualified.

When translating visa materials, it is recommended to consult more relevant agencies, so as not to affect the itinerary. The translation of the translation company and the official seal of the company have been registered with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and registered with the Ministry of Public Security. The translation-only chapter and the company’s official seal have legal effects and are recognized by the Trade and Industry Bureau, the court, the embassy in China, the consulate, and international organizations. We will stamp the documents for foreign-related notarization translation (the special seal for translation and the official seal of the shanghai translation company). Confirmation of credibility to protect your interests.

November 25, 2018
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