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What is the experience of being a translator of the top ten shanghai translation company in China?

Do you also want to win the favor of the top ten shanghai translation company in China? Becomes a glamorous translation master? The road is as long as you are brave enough and work hard for it, the opportunity belongs to you.

Do not believe, you see, when you are still imagining, some people have already obtained the olive branch thrown by the shanghai translation company.

who is it? ?

Huang Hongshan and Wang Bingjie from Hubei, Wuhan, and Zhang Wei, from Jiangxi with kawaii’s children’s shoes. In the first phase of the school study, they won the outstanding student award and Induction Invitation from Landeservice – Become a English Chinese part-time translator.

1. What does the part-time translation of the top ten shanghai translation company means?
part-time English translator, not only means that you are proficient in English, but also has a high level of English and Chinese bilingual expression; you can also carry out document translation, quality inspection, and achieve the level of basic exemption. In the process, you can also get internal confidential translation learning materials and get the most professional guidance. You can also access engineering, finance, law, machinery, medicine, patents and other multi-domain translation tasks at work to conduct deeper practical training.

2. How does a straight-A student Developed?

Wang Bingjie: I participated in the second phase of the translation practical experience class in December last year. After the completion of the study, the knowledge gained is fresh and practical. Therefore, I hope to conduct more in-depth and comprehensive study through the hands-on course of workplace translation.

The biggest feature of this course is that its case comes from actual event. The content involved is the most fresh and practical, and it is closer to the needs of the society, and we can more directly understand the needs of the translators.

In my opinion, translation is a subject that needs to be discussed, because the best translation is not unique. One of the highlights that attracted me was the weekly group discussion class. Although everyone is different, everyone has something to learn, and everyone’s language expression can inspire me.

The biggest difficulty in the course is the weekly work. Every assignment is a new type of text. When I first turned it over, I felt a little bit worried, because I couldn’t start, and every time I finished the hard scalp. This process is actually very tormented, because every sentence is not confident, the sentence structure is always changing, it is not easy to grasp.

In this case, I usually go to find some reference texts in related fields, take a general look at the language style, and then use the search skills learned from the class to find something on the webpage. I can’t find it based on my own knowledge. Or based on contextual guesses, temporarily translated and then resolved in a group discussion.

If you don’t know what to do, the teacher will answer questions in the homework class. Although it took a lot of time to find out the materials for the homework, it also gave me a lot of unexpected gains, and I was more impressed by the places where I made mistakes.

Teacher Zeng was the first teacher to help me with the review. After reviewing the draft, Mr. Zeng and I also discussed and learned a lot of professional knowledge. I admire the professionalism of Zeng, and his personal experience is even more admirable.

November 27, 2018
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