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Shanghai Translation Company How to Translate Audit Report

Since the company conducts audit report transactions on an annual basis, audit report translation is the most common translation requirement in the translation industry. Audit reports translation is a difficult, including a large number of financial terminologies, so the quality of translation is relatively high. On the contrary, it may cause significant economic losses to the company. This article will briefly introduces how to do the translation of audit report:

1. Before the audit report translation, the translator needs to first understand the business scope of the enterprise, and what is involved in the business translation, such as high-end technology, medical or mechanical engineering. After the translator has in-depth understanding of the business scope of the relevant enterprise, In order to master some professional vocabulary and be confident in the translation process, try to avoid the embarrassing situation caused by unfamiliarity with relevant professional fields.

2. During the translation process of the audit report by shanghai translation company, the translator must presuppose the professional. Financial report translation is different from ordinary literary translation. In order to make a gorgeous layout, it usually needs to add a large number of qualifiers, and the audit report translation is just the opposite. It requires the language to be concise, precise and professional. Therefore, the translator must make sure that the translation is accurate. It is best to use the literal translation method to avoid unnecessary losses.

3. When complete the translation of the audit report, the shanghai translation company must strictly follow the translation process and conduct the proofreading standards for the first and second trials in accordance with the regulations. This is a crucial step in ensuring the quality of translations, and it is also the most important window to reflect the professionalism of a translator. Any translation document can’t be perfect, and the translation strives to reflect the meaning of the source language to the greatest extent, so that it does not make mistakes and does not distort. Although it can’t be perfect, we can make mistakes in the final check to avoid unnecessary economic losses.

November 30, 2018
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