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What are the methods of Embellishment for shanghai Translation Company?

Shanghai Translation Company always divided documents into commercial and non-commercial. The embellishing skills for the two types docs are different. The ordinary living documents are simpler to embellish. The company information and training materials are relatively simple to translate, but the product introduction and usage instructions, formal commercial documents such as technical specifications require professional translators to polish the sentences. The shanghai translation company’s method for embellishing documents is briefly introduced:

Document translation
1, adding written language
When the shanghai translation company finishes the ordinary documents translation, we first add certain written words to the documents, especially for the original article materials, if there are language irregularities, grammatical errors, etc., in order to make Chinese reading more smooth and more accurate, it is not only for the embellishing personnel to master the above methods, but also require the embellishing personnel to have a certain Chinese skills.

2, Doc optimization embellishing
No matter what language, when translating into Chinese, it has to be optimized by multiple steps. For ordinary documents, the final embellishing optimization is more important. When embellishing, it is necessary to polish the fixed language in English and other small languages. For the Chinese common language, taking the example of Seeing is believing in English, it is necessary to polish up and become “百闻不如一见”

3. Expressions of the docs
When a translation company translates a professional doc, it must consider the entire translation content from a overall perspective, because it is different from ordinary files. The common files are highly relevant from the beginning to the end, and the same emotional tone needs to be maintained during translation. If you omit the subject in the middle and later articles, you must add the subject to the Chinese translation accurately.

December 2, 2018
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