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How does a Shanghai translation company control the delivery time?

When we handed over a manuscript to a shanghai translation company, we all hope that the translation will come out immediately. So how long does it take for a shanghai translation company to make the delivery? Today, landeservice will simply talk with you about the delivery time.

First of all, time for the delivery of the manuscript is closely related to the difficulty of translation. If the manuscript we submitted is very simple, the vocabulary is not large, and the grammar is not very complicated, the translation company will usually complete the translation very quickly. On the contrary, if the manuscript to be translated is quite difficult, the vocabulary is large, and many sentences need to be repeatedly scrutinized to determine the use of the vocabulary, then the translation company’s delivery time will be extended.

Secondly, the time for the translation company to deliver the manuscript has a lot to do with the number of words in the translation. If the words quantity in the translation is very large, it will also affect the delivery time of the translation. A professional translator’s one-day translation is 3000-5000 words, a translation of 10,000 words will take two days, and two translators can finish it in one day. Most translation companies only give this doc to one translator, so there is no need to unify the vocabulary and it can save time.

In general, shanghai translation company‘s delivery time will also have an agreement with us in advance, to see the time required by the customer, they will try to complete the delivery according to the customer’s needs. For particularly anxious manuscripts, the translation company will also do an expedited process. However, in order to ensure the quality of the translation, this proposal can conduct a good negotiation with the translation company, and also give the translation company a sufficient period for translation and proofreading.

December 4, 2018
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