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What are the employment directions of Spanish in Shanghai? It turns out that shanghai Spanish translation company is so promising!

As the trade development between China and other countries increases, the demand for small language talents also increases, and the small language profession has become a popular specialty in universities.

First, civil servants
In government agencies, a large number of small language talents are selected each year to enter the ranks of civil servants. Due to the scarcity of talents in small languages, the annual admission rate for small language majors is the highest among the “national examinations”. Moreover, compared with other candidates, there are only a small number of people in small languages ​​to earn a position, and the embassies, foreign ministries and other institutions in China are also in great demand for small language talents. Therefore, small languages It is still relatively easy for professional students to enter the ranks of civil servants.

Second, the teacher
Many high-level institutions now offer small language majors, but teachers are scarce. After graduating from a small language major, you can go to a school like this to really find a professional counterpart. Can also be sent to other countries to become Chinese teachers.

Third, the publishing house
There are many publishers that have set up small language studios. The main work is editing and proofreading, and sometimes it involves the liaison work of the external market. This is very similar to the nature of the work of journalists.

4. Large and medium-sized enterprises or state-owned enterprises
With the increasing pace of internationalization of domestic enterprises in recent years, Chinese companies have made rapid progress in overseas business. In particular, as the largest investor in South America, China has more and more overseas dispatchers in South America. Midea, Haier, Huawei, ICBC and other major banks, China Engineering Construction Corporation, PetroChina, Sinopec, China Railway and other enterprises generally provide accommodation and other welfare, with a basic monthly salary of 1200-2500 US dollars. The adaptability of international students is stronger, and it has a greater advantage than that of domestic language university students.

V. Major banks
Small language graduates are now going to the bank, and almost every major bank has a distribution. In the same way, the green channel, learning a small language to go to the bank, has more advantages than financial advantages, and it has gained more foreign languages.

Six, tour guide
It is a good job to be a part-time or full-time outbound tour guide. Not only can you enrich your language skills in various countries, but also enjoy cultural knowledge and free travel around the world. Presumably this is the privilege of small language students.

7, translation
Spanish is the third largest language in the world, but it is generally called a small language in China. The reason is that there are fewer people who know it in China. The number of colleges and universities is less than 1% of English every year. In fact, the use of Spanish is very extensive. This is also a problem, the translation price of Spanish is 3-4 times that of ordinary English, German, and French. The quoted price of a well-known shanghai spanish translation company is 130-160 yuan/thousand words for ordinary English, while the translation fee for Spanish is 300-600 yuan/1000 words per thousand words. At present, there are about 60,000 on-the-job translators in China, and the conservative demand in this industry is about 500,000. For example, when China CITIC Group recruited Spanish-language translators responsible for business negotiations, even the conditions for “new graduates are available” can be seen. There is a big gap in the language translation talents.

8, Internet companies
At present, there are many cross-border e-commerce and foreign trade e-commerce companies in China, and some other non-language positions are also scattered with many small-language graduates with their own specialties.

9, flight attendants
Many domestic and international flights are recruiting some small language-related chores and translations. There are passengers all over the country on the plane. As long as you are learning a small language and meet the conditions of flight attendants, you must be very popular. This is a magical profession. When you are working, you are on the road. When you are on holiday, you are traveling.

10. Freelance workers
Translation, teaching, overseas purchasing or other, have a high reputation in the industry, but also in the state of subsistence. If you’re in a small language, it’s easy to communicate with the locals and it’s easy to deal with things. Moreover, without constraints, free and comfortable work, I think many people want such work.

December 6, 2018
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