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what is the requirement to be a translation of shanghai translation company

With The rapid development of China’s economy and its communication with other countries have become increasingly close, and translation plays a very important role in this situation, which has prompted the rapid rise of the translation market, and shanghai translation companies have sprung up. However, there are many factors that a shanghai translation company needs to consider in order to recruit translators. Today, shanghai landeservice will introduce the factors that need to be considered when the shanghai translation company recruits translators. I hope this will be helpful to those who are interested in doing translation work.

(1) Occupationality is the multiple function requirements of the translation task (translator, editor, terminology worker project manager, localization talent, terminologist, etc.).

(2) Mother tongue and working language. It is best to use two or even more than three languages in addition to the mother tongue.

(3) Special professional fields. Whether it is corporate or institutional recruitment, or as a long-term cooperative translation of these companies or institutions, the translation needs of the professional field are the highest requests, especially those areas of which technology is at the forefront.

(4) Whether the translator has a professional background. Whether you are a corporate recruiter or a freelance translator, if you are good at translation work in a particular field, you will get extra points during the interview.

(5) Use of translation tools. The degree of enterprise informatization is getting higher and higher. Therefore, when enterprises consider introducing new equipment and tools for machine-assisted translation, the most wishes is that translators can have the ability to use these tools to improve the efficiency and quality of translation.

(6) Education background. The market has a special account for the strengths and quality of translation training institutions. They will recruit professional masters, or a master’s degree in translation with their majors.

(7) Experience. Experience is one of the important scoring standards at all times. Of course, it is not excluded that some institutions or companies will have ability to conduct specialized training for translators after recruitment. However, for most companies, it is one of the necessary conditions for candidates to have translation experience in related fields.

(8) Ability. It is already a fixed method for companies to use the test to screen the candidates, unless the conditions of a candidate are completely consistent with the ability described in the job post.

(9) Use of tools such as computers. The true sense of “information tools” (formats, software, materials, platforms, digital, conversion, document usage, installation and uninstallation, system setup, extraction, model building, macro manipulation, language programming features and etc.) has become indispensable conditions.

The above is the factor that will be considered when the shanghai translation company recruit translators. As a professional translation company in shanghai, landeservice is now recruiting part-time translators from all languages in the country. It is not limited to a place of work, and is good at mechanical and legal fields.

December 9, 2018
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