Human Translations in Diverse Language Pairs

Since we are from the translation industry, we understand what all it takes to deliver a quality output. We are very well aware of the complexities and challenges involved in language translation. Hence, we strictly shun the use of automatic/ machine translations.


Area Human translation Machine translation
Speed Generally, the speed of a native translator is in line with the specified time deadlines. The translator is versed with the cultural implications and nuances of the source plus the target language. Although, the computer excels at speedy delivery, yet the translated text will still demand further editing and proof-reading.
Expense The more reliable translation company you hire, the more reliable (affordable) costs will be charged and when it is TridIndia, affordability is definitely assured. The expenses borne to auto translation are much higher as compared to the human or manual translations.
Subject matter Professional translators can translate for a wide range of fields or subject matters. If you are looking quality translation for any specific industry or subject matter, auto translation is something to be ignored.
Volume Humans can work over a large number of translation assignments and that too with utmost precision and accuracy. As far as volume is concerned, a machine is capable of delivering a greater quantity of projects. But, majority of them will have poor quality. Now it depends on you; whether you prefer quality or quantity
Vocabulary Consistency of vocabulary can be seen with native translation experts. For a machine to maintain consistency in vocabulary, it would require huge amount of time and efforts. But, why to waste resources, when you have the option of utilizing native experts.
Accuracy level A reputed translation entity that contains translation masters, will always deliver accurate translation assignments. Machine Translations do not commit a higher level of accuracy.

March 17, 2019
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