ACLE 2019 Shanghai Leather Exhibition Interpreter Service

ALL CHINA LEATHER EXHIBITION (ACLE), also known as Shanghai Leather Fair, is the only international level exhibition in China. It has always been praised as a grand event for international enterprises to open up a huge Chinese market, and it is also the focus of the global leather industry. Since its inception in 1998, the leather exhibition has attracted tens of thousands of buyers annually, mainly from China’s major provinces of leather making and footwear and leather products.

At present, China’s leather industry is the focus of the world, and China’s surrounding countries, such as Vietnam and Indonesia, are driving the growth of the region. Therefore, China’s leather exhibition has naturally become the fastest growing leather exhibition in the world.

China International Leather Fair is aimed at the upstream of the leather industry, that is, the trade exhibition of leather enterprises. It is the best choice to find raw materials, semi-finished leather, leather chemical raw materials and leather machinery. Domestic tanneries use this platform to negotiate business, import raw materials, complete processing, and export or supply finished leather to domestic manufacturers. Finished products. Famous overseas tanneries will also introduce their high-quality leather and shoe materials to domestic importers of shoes and automobile leather.

Landeservice Shanghai Translation provides ACLE 2019 Shanghai Leather Exhibition Translation and Interpreter Service, which includes English, Japanese, French, Korean, Germany, Russian and small language interpretation. If you are interested, please contact us.


September 1, 2019
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