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What do film translation companies need to pay attention to?

With the continuous deepening of cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, many excellent foreign films and TV works have entered the domestic major cinemas, and many domestic films and TV films have entered overseas cinemas. Because of the differences in languages, subtitle translation is particularly important. In fact, subtitle translation is a process of simultaneous transformation of language and culture. In this process, translators must make the most of their views Subtitles should not only reflect the status and social background of the characters, but also reflect the mainstream culture of the country or region.

Compared with ordinary translation, landeservice translation company believes that film subtitle translation needs to go through the conversion process from spoken language to written language. Due to the instantaneous characteristics of film and television works, coupled with the constraints of time and space, translators must use the most concise words to express the most abundant meaning, so as to achieve the best effect of film subtitle translation. Today, landeservice translation company will talk about the characteristics and difficulties of subtitle translation.

First of all, the dialogue is the main body of the characters' language, and its main form is dialogue. The most typical feature of dialogue is that it is very colloquial. In general, the translation of film and television works is prepared for dubbing. Therefore, the translation must be easy to speak, and can not be obfuscated. Otherwise, the effect of dubbing will be affected, and the audience’s viewing effect will be affected. The purpose of subtitle translation is to convey the language and cultural information of films and TV films, to better realize the aesthetic value and commercial value of films and TV films, but also to promote the cultural exchange and integration between different languages and nationalities.

As a result, there has been a long time since the translation companies of the four major film translation companies began to work in the translation industry In general, subtitle translation is gradually diversified.

The above is the introduction of Zhixing translation company about subtitle translation. In today’s diversified world, many companies or government agencies begin to shoot promotional films, documentaries, etc. to show images or promotional products to foreign friends. When choosing subtitle translation services for these promotional films and documentaries, we must choose regular and professional translation companies.

July 21, 2020
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