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What translators should pay attention to when translating advertisements 

It is not only a kind of cultural communication between countries, but also a kind of cultural communication between countries. The main reason is that the translation is so. It is because of translation that promotes the communication and development at home and abroad. Many foreign first-line brand advertisements need to be translated when they are introduced into China. The quality of advertisement translation will directly affect people's purchase desire, trust and memory of products.

It is because of the language and cultural differences, so in the process of advertising translation, translators need to pay attention to some matters, so that the interpretation of advertising can be more accurate and perfect, in order to attract consumers to stimulate their desire to buy. today, The company in the world ——Let's introduce the matters needing attention when translating advertisements.
First of all, Chinese people pay attention to the essence of product advertising and pay attention to empirical evidence; while Westerners are extroverted and pay more attention to the external form of product advertising and pay attention to the sensory effect. Therefore, in the translation of advertisements, translators should focus on the contents of different countries, so as to achieve the final effect of the translated advertisements.The pronunciation of language can cause different auditory effects, and can stimulate different reactions in psychology, either soft, or crisp, or vigorous, or dignified. The difference in pronunciation is a part of culture and the carrier of culture. It can reflect the characteristics of a nation, including not only its historical and cultural background, but also its views on life and its way of thinking. Therefore, when translating advertisements, translators should pay attention to phonetic differences and highlight the national characteristics of the target language countries.

Different countries, nationalities and regions use different languages, and their preferences and dislikes of some characters are also quite different. Therefore, in advertising translation, we should pay attention to the use of words to avoid ambiguity, causing unnecessary trouble and conflict. Also remember, advertising language often uses rhetorical devices, in order to make the content of the expression more visualized and specific, or to make the main words clear and prominent, strengthen the language effect, attract the public's attention and help the public remember. Therefore, when translating advertisements, translators should pay attention to the use of rhetorical devices.

Before translating advertisements, translators need to have a deep understanding of the characteristics of the translated advertisements and commodities, as well as the cultural traditions and consumer psychology of the target countries, and understand the taboos that should be paid attention to in translation.

The above content is to introduce the translator's precautions in advertising translation, hoping to be helpful to the partners engaged in advertising translation!

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July 23, 2020
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