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What is included in the translation company’s quotation

The quotation of a translation company is what consumers must understand before choosing related services, and on this basis can they choose related services according to their actual conditions. In this process, we must also understand the related matters needed in translation. Let’s take a look with the editor of Lewen Translation Company.

The content of the quotation of the translation company

The pricing of translation companies is determined according to the different languages ​​of translation and the amount of content. Therefore, customers must fill in relevant information accurately and accurately before selecting the services they need. That is, the type of translation needed, such as interpreting, written translation, shorthand, listening translation, etc. Prices for different categories are also different, and different languages ​​also have an impact on prices. Translation costs for small languages ​​are generally higher than for English. In addition, the translation time will also affect the price, and these factors together determine the quotation of the translation company.

Customer notice

1. After contacting the translation company, the client must provide relevant reference materials in addition to the content to be translated to ensure the accuracy of the content translated by the staff to meet the needs of the client.

2. Provide a clear manuscript so that the staff can work better.

3. The translation time should not be too short, so that the translator can provide more professional translation products. If the customer has special requirements for the translation format, it should be formulated and notified in advance so that the finished product can meet the needs.

4. To understand the delivery method of the company’s translation, provide detailed information in the quotation.

The quotation form of the translation company is the content that the customer must fill in carefully before performing the translation service. Only by filling it out carefully can the follow-up work be better carried out. In addition, customers should also pay attention to the precautions mentioned in the quotation, and work better.

·Translation Company Quotation Form

Landeservice Translation Company’s translation quotations are all in clear code. If you are interested, you can click on the translation quotation to view it. The following editor lists the translation quotation form for translation!

What is included in the translation company's quotation

·Translation fee price

Landeservice Translation Company’s translation fee prices are all clear codes, if you are interested, you can click on the translation quotation to view !

·The standard of translation cost. General fees

The editor found that most of my friends do not know much about the prices and service procedures of the translation industry when they need translation services from professional companies. In the consultation process, the quotation becomes the most important factor. So what is the charging standard of general translation companies? Today, I will come to everyone to talk about the general charging standards of professional translation companies.

The general translation price is determined according to the language, content difficulty and quantity of the translated documents. Therefore, when friends are consulting, they often need to provide their own documents or describe in detail what they need to translate in order to obtain a quote from the translation company. Some friends may be worried about the leakage of important information. I still recommend that you choose a professional translation company. Because such a company has professional ethics, there is no problem of leaking information, and at the same time, it can sign a confidentiality agreement to be more assured.

The translation company’s translation will be divided into several levels to represent the difficulty requirements and purposes of the manuscript, such as the translation standards of the Qihang company:

Standard level: Meet the general daily communication and reading, the text is fluent, the content is loyal to the original text, and there are no grammatical errors and basic cultural conflicts. Suitable for e-mail, chat records, oral records, reference documents, business negotiations, etc.

Professional level: The content is highly professional, such as industrial documents including drawings, medical documents and other deeper textual materials in various fields. Because of the strong professionalism and the emergence of many professional terms, translation companies need to arrange translators who are familiar with the relevant fields to translate, and at the same time verify the translation to ensure the professionalism and accuracy of the translation, which is more time-consuming and laborious. Suitable for legal documents, letters, industrial text materials, bidding documents, operation manuals, etc.

Publication level: The materials required for publication, publication or evaluation of professional titles in domestic and foreign magazines are generally provided with pictures and texts, with high typesetting requirements. According to different publishing organizations, there are even different requirements. The requirements for translators are extremely high. Generally, native-level translators are required. Translation proofreading. Suitable for papers, patents, magazines and other published content.

The prices of the above three translation standard levels increase successively. Friends who need translation need to organize the files in a word document. The number of words in the “word count” in the toolbar shall prevail, indicating the translated language and the translated language to obtain a professional The quotation and completion efficiency of the translation company.

The above is the relevant information of the translation company quotation summarized by the editor of Landeservice. I hope that the relevant information of the translation company quotation summarized by the editor will be helpful to you. For more reading about the translation company quotation , please log in to Landeservice Translation Company View on the official website!

July 27, 2020
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