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Come to understand the charge standard of translation company

When we are looking for a translation company to cooperate, we will first ask the other party how to charge for the documents they want to translate. If the selected translation company does not have a reasonable standard to quote, then such companies are not very formal. Generally, regular professional translation companies provide the target language, translation type, document submission time and translation difficulty of documents to customers How can a translation company give an accurate definition of the range of charges?

Language documents to be translated

When documents are translated in different languages, translation companies offer different translation quotations. As the saying goes, "rarity is the most valuable thing". In the translation industry, the target language to be translated is divided into common and scarce. English, as an international language, belongs to the most common language and has the largest number of relevant translators. Therefore, the charge for English translation is relatively low, if it is in Japanese, Korean and other languages Compared with English, the number of interpreters in this kind of language is slightly less, and the price of translation is naturally slightly higher than that of English. If it is Spanish, Arabic is more scarce, and the price is naturally more expensive. There are hundreds of official languages around the world, and the number of people learning and using other languages with a small range of use is small. The relevant translation is more scarce, and the quotation is more difficult to determine.

Difficulty in document translation

The difficulty of document translation content is also an important factor affecting the charging standards of translation companies. For example, for two documents, one is a letter for ordinary reading and the other is for publishing a paper. The quotation for translation of the two documents is absolutely different, because there is a great difference in the difficulty between the two documents. According to the level of professional translation, most of the translation companies have different levels of difficulty.

Time for submission of translation documents

Translation companies use pure manual translation. As the workload of each interpreter is limited, if the time required by the client for the submission of a manuscript is very urgent, the company will arrange more than one interpreter to carry out the cooperative translation, which will generate extra urgent labor costs, and a part of the cost will be increased as appropriate.

In fact, there are many factors that affect the translation quotation. A regular professional translation company staff will not give customers a quotation at will. Only when they fully understand the information of the translation manuscript can they give a professional quotation scheme

July 28, 2020
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