Landeservice complete interpreting for APDC ceremony

Landeservice complete interpreting for APDC ceremony

Landeservice: “Congratulations to APDC members and outstanding Chinese designers on the international stage of the A’Design Award in Italy. Among them, some designers have won the A’Design Platinum Award through the APDC Overseas Awards Service Team. We will help more Chinese designers to go to the world design stage Bravo!️

August 8, 2015

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  1. Johnny Woo says:

    We have used Landeservice several times. Their online interface is easy to use. Customer service is good and delivery is usually very fast. I want to recommend this translation company.

  2. James Liu says:

    This is a very efficient service. They respond to queries very quickly as with the translation turnaround time. I have had no problems with the quality of the translations. I think the pricing is reasonable. I will continue to use them because of the quality, efficiency and speed of service.

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