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Landeservice Translation Co., Ltd. is a formal foreign-related translation agency. Because the ordinary translation stamps have no foreign-related effects,  to meet the requirements of Shanghai foreign-related translation and seal certification, Landeservice has been approved by the Shanghai Public Security Bureau for the record and use of Chinese and English. Special Stamp for foreign-related translation.

Instruction of Certified Translation Service

★Why do you need Landeservice Translation Agency to do certified translation for you??

1. From translation to notarization and certification, you can fully save your work time, master the time limit and avoid the pain of having to travel a lot, no need to read the face of the public agency officer.

2. Many years of experience, professional translators, and the translation text are smooth and beautiful.

★What is the difference between notarization and certification ?

◇ notarization, in legal terms, provides a notary public with a notarization of the legal act or private facts of the claimant’s request for notarization, proving the existence of the legal act or the existence of the fact.

◇ Certification is the document that the notary public requests for certification from the requester, proving that the instrument is made or formally true. Therefore, although there are differences in the nature of notarization and certification, there is still a commonality. Therefore, in addition to the special provisions of the notarization law, the certification is subject to the notary.

◇ In principle, the notarial certificate is made by a notary public, and the certification document is filed by the requester. After the notary has reviewed the content, the requester signs it or acknowledges it, and the notary public stamps the certification chapter to complete the certification process.

★What are the benefits of certification ?

1. Whether the private documents obtained abroad are to be used domestically, or the domestic private documents are to be used abroad, such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, graduation certificates, etc., after being translated into local characters, they will be responsible for proof. It is a real problem. The general private document should be proved by the witness, but the first paragraph of Article 358 of the Civil Procedure Law stipulates that the private document is certified by a notary public and is presumed to be true. Therefore, the burden of proof can be waived by the procedure of certification, which is the conversion of the burden of proof. Therefore, the certified private documents have sufficient evidence.

2. The original or original of the public document concerning the facts of private rights. If it is indicated that it is held to a foreign user, the notary public may be authenticated at the request of the party or other related person. The authenticity of a certificate issued by a notary public is also widely recognized internationally. Therefore, public documents relating to private facts such as household registration transcripts, seal certificates, death certificates, certificates of no criminal record, etc., are notary public. After certification, they can be used abroad.

April 22, 2018
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Landeservice is a professional translation company Established in 2009 that has been operating in Shanghai, China for 9 years. We specialize in inter-translation between Chinese, English, Japanese, French, Germany and any other European mian languages. We work with some of the largest companies in the world. Our quality policy is compliant with the ISO 9001:2008.

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