Shanghai Exposition Interpreter Service:

Landeservice is a Shanghai exposition interpreting company providing professional and diverse translation and interpretation services. We has a large number of translators and interpreters in different languages ​​and professions. Depending on the theme of the exhibition, we will select the most suitable translator for you based on your candidates requirement.

Exposition is the best way to show your customers the best opportunities, so interpreters are just like the company image. We train selected translators not only to communicate with your colleagues and clients, but also to align with your company’s concepts and philosophy through his/her appearance.

Therefore, the interpreter selected for the exposition will not only facilitate mutual understanding between the participants and visitors of the expo, but also attract attention, create a comfortable atmosphere and help you promote your products!

★What are The Advantages of Landeservice Expo Interpreter Service?

We work with a diverse team to ensure that all of our interpreters and translators have extensive experience in product, sales, commerce and trade. All of our employees speak fluent English, in addition we offer a variety of other languages, including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Korean, Japanese and many other dialects. We support many multinational and high-profile companies that use small languages, and our employees are often repeatedly ordered by customers because of their outstanding performance!

Fluent language translators can provide translation services in sales and customer meetings
Multilingual reception staff, meeting and customer registration staff
Interpreter help you to negotiate sales orders and communicate with international customers

★Excellent exhibition interpreter

Expo Interpreter: Wang  Interpretation language (French) Work experience:
Diam Display Equipment (France) Company (DIAM France)
Graduation Intern: Project Management
Project 1: Module production of cosmetics display cabinet
Quality monitoring of pre-sampled products before production begins
Update the project schedule and ensure that the product is delivered before the deadline
Project 2: Return to production of bulk products
Confirm production quantity, make production schedule, update product quotation
Product quality monitoring, tracking production schedule, inventory management
Project 3: Christmas Decoration Ball (preparation before the project wins)
According to customer needs, develop different production plans and their corresponding quotations
Optimize and determine the final production plan (design drawing confirmation), quotation and project schedule
Communicate and coordinate with Diam (China) Company

Expo Interpreter: Jenny exhibition project experience (interpreting):
2015.03 2015 The 23rd Shanghai International Advertising Technology and Equipment Exhibition
2015.03 2015 Shanghai Art Design Exhibition VIP Reception
2015.05 2015 China International Organic Food Expo Exhibition Translation
2015.06 2015 The 8th Shanghai International Water Exhibition Exhibition Translation
2015.07.03 American Independence Day Shanghai American Chamber of Commerce Association China Unicom booth translation

Expo Interpreter: Isabella exhibition project experience (interpretation):
2015.10 The 14th International Sourcing Conference
2015.9 The 22nd China Furniture Fair
2015.7 China Digital Game Show
2015.6 Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Exhibition
2015.5 China Food Exhibition
2015.4 International Conference of “International Health Organization: Creation of History and Future Cooperation”
2014.10 China Imported Food Exhibition
2013.10 “International Health Organization and Health History

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Landeservice is a professional translation company Established in 2009 that has been operating in Shanghai, China for 9 years. We specialize in inter-translation between Chinese, English, Japanese, French, Germany and any other European mian languages. We work with some of the largest companies in the world. Our quality policy is compliant with the ISO 9001:2008.

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