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My Shanghai Expo Interpretation Story

Hello everyone. Last time I shared my knowledge about interpretation. Recently, I found out that some friends are also interested in the interpretation of exhibition. I will have another topic today! Talk about my personal experience in the interpretation of exhibition, I hope to help friends find excellent practice opportunities.

First, how to find a job?

First of all, we must tell you that in fact, looking for a job is a process of collecting and screening information. This time you need to know how to find information, and then let the information create wealth for yourself. In general, exhibition information can be sourced from the following sources.

No.1 Campus resources

Generally speaking, your seniors (especially the graduate students) should have already done interpretations at the exhibition. They may have already worked or are internships and can no longer interpret. Therefore, when old customers come to them again, they usually choose to introduce to their schoolmates. Therefore, it is a good means of obtaining information to consult with your own direct school seniors and let them give you an opportunity when they have a job. They must also have experience that you deserve to learn.
There is also a channel that is your mentor or director. Generally speaking, if there is a cooperation between the company and the school, the information may be sent to the director or tutor of your department.

No.2 Interpretation Company

In fact, it is the interpretation company that has the most customer resources. Interpretation companies generally have a relatively stable customer base, especially like the interpretation of the exhibition. Most companies still want to translate the company when they want to do it. However, interpretation companies often refer to low-cost jobs to students in order to attract customers at low prices. Therefore, it is very important to have a resume in both Chinese and English to let the interpretation company see your language and interpretation skills.

Of course, you must keep your eyes open when you are looking for a interpretation company. Be sure to check the qualifications and credibility of this interpretation company. If someone just uses a simple qq to contact you and doesn’t give you the company’s details, then it’s mostly cheating.

In general, it is a good idea to call a interpretation company before a translator builds a solid customer base, especially a student translator, which is a good platform for you to get up to speed with the industry.


No.3 Network

The omnipotent Internet has made information pervasive. Therefore, learning to use the network to search for the resources you want is also a manifestation of your abilities. In general, blog is my first place to find resources. Many interpretation-related blog accounts often publish or forward part-time interpretations, and everyone can continue to pay attention. In addition, regular searches for keywords such as “Exhibition Interpretation” and “Exhibition Interpreter” will also receive good information, especially when the Shanghai exhibition is relatively ordinary.

How do you know when to hold an exhibition? This is not difficult.

Taking Shanghai as an example, the exhibition hall mainly focuses on several venues such as New International, Shanghai Exhibition Hall, Expo Pavilion, and National Exhibition Hall. The official website of each exhibition hall has its own exhibition arrangement. Through the integration of these information, you can Search for the keywords of the corresponding exhibitions to conduct a more accurate search of the entire network information. Some exhibitors will even send the recruitment information to the platform of “58 City” and “”. Students who need it can also go to the information.

No.4 Community

The community mentioned here mainly refers to the interpretation and translator groups on QQ or WeChat. On WeChat, there are often self-media teachers who organize some information groups in the industry. There are a lot of elites here, and there are often part-time posts of interpretation. The QQ group is more related to interpretation. However, the information of these groups is often mixed, so pay attention to distinguish.

Second, how to translate?

I have found the job of the exhibition interpretation, what should I do next? I am afraid that my terminology is not enough to eat? Don’t be afraid, after you find a interpretation opportunity, you must first communicate with the factory and ask if there is an electronic version of the Chinese and English product materials. If yes, of course, if you don’t have one, go to the company’s website to find product information. Most of the foreign companies have their own English website. At this time, the main products are selected, and then the Chinese and English information is recorded in the book. So that it will be available to the next day. Remember, you must check it again. Many companies can not translate the product accurately, and check it out once again.

When I arrived at the exhibition, I didn’t need to be nervous. First of all, you should familiarize yourself with the main products sold by the company, ask the technical staff about what kind of terminology may be used (mostly you have seen it on the website yesterday), and then open the Chinese-English dictionary on your mobile phone to wait for the customer coming.

In the process of interpretation, you may encounter customers in many countries. Don’t crash when you meet customers in India, Japan, or Korea. If you don’t understand, let him write it on the book. Because we are here to help communicate between the two sides, it is normal for the accent of countries to be unfamiliar, and their English is not necessarily good. Therefore, the verbal solution can be solved orally. If you can’t solve it verbally, use a pen, haha.

Third, the conclusion

Now, I believe that many students should think that the interpretation of the exhibition is actually very simple. In fact, the exhibition interpretation is only the simplest type of interpreter. Most of the time it is just to help communicate, and the means can be flexible. When translating, you must first be confident. Only if you are confident that others will believe what you said (of course, you can’t be swearing). In addition, the ability of language is based on the usual accumulation of time, usually seize the opportunity to communicate in English, there is no need to be afraid of the scene. You just think, everyone is coming to chat, just chatting and chatting, everything is familiar.

Finally, I wish everyone can go further and further in the field of interpretation. Of course, the basic skills of interpretation should not be ignored.

October 30, 2018
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