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Post-80s girls start shanghai translation company with annual income of 600,000.

Zhang Jie’s first impression, she is a quiet girl. However, after a while, she will find that she has the passion and courage of “post-80s”. She is quite assertive and not afraid of failure… “H, I was thinking I learned Japanese, and later I was transferred to Korean major because of insufficient scores.”

In 2007, Zhang Jie graduated from Nanjing Normal University with an undergraduate degree. He was admitted to an airline station in Nanjing. He earned nearly 6,000 yuan a month. “This position has been the dream of many people. Until now, students are studying.” Still smashing his head and drilling inside.” But Zhang Jie resigned after one year of work, and she returned to her alma mater to continue her studies. At the time of the study, because there were not many classes, many students were working part-time outside, some were training outside, and she chose to be a translator for the acting agent.

“I have been a translator of Dong Bang Shin Ki and Super Junior.” Zhang Jie said with a smile, although she is not like other boys and girls, but she is very excited to see these Korean stars every time. “When they come to Nanjing, Shanghai and other places to open a concert, I will go to do the translation, usually 5 days, I will earn 2,500 yuan. Four or five translations a year is enough to pay for my one-year stay. Fees and living expenses.” For Zhang Jie, entrepreneurship is an opportunity. In 2009, when Zhu Shanlu, the deputy secretary of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and then the secretary of the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee, went to the Nanjing Normal University for research work, Zhu Shuji asked: “Is there a shanghai translation company in shanghai Normal University?” At that time, the principal Song Yongzhong replied: “There is not yet. But please ask Secretary Zhu to rest assured that we must start soon.” So, Nanshi University decided to guide students to set up a shanghai translation company, and recruited the general manager. Soon, Zhang Jie knew the news.

“The Foreign Languages ​​Institute itself has all the high-quality resources needed for translation work. The establishment of such a company will certainly have development prospects.” Therefore, Zhang Jie set out to prepare for this challenge. During the interview, the teacher raised a lot of questions, and Zhang Jie calmly responded and also said a lot of his own ideas. Her thoughts touched the teacher and successfully applied for the position of general manager. Therefore, with the strong support of the school and the college, the shanghai translation company was born. The company needed funds to open the company. At that time, Zhang Jie’s savings were not much. The school funded her 2,000 yuan in venture capital and gave her an office. When recruiting staff, Zhang Jie specially selected some students with poor family status but excellent academic performance to provide these students with a chance to work and study.

At the beginning, the shanghai translation company’s business was introduced by the college, and the cost of printing posters, personnel remuneration, etc. was cut off, and the company’s first year was balanced. “Entrepreneurship, 70% depends on contacts.” Zhang Jie said that before she graduated, when she went out to introduce the company, she used the banner of “I am Nanshi Normal University”, but after graduation, she needed to develop her own business.

In order to find a business, Zhang Jie and his staff went to Xinjiekou, Zhujiang Road and other office buildings to send out a leaflet from house to house. If you don’t let the door enter, you will put it on the door and let the door enter the front desk. The hard work pays off, and the business comes one after another. Nowadays, the shanghai translation company has begun to take shape. The company is mainly engaged in training language and translation business. It has 10 permanent employees, who are engaged in personnel, finance, and running the market. “I never thought about starting my own business. When I started doing it, I just did it as a project. I didn’t realize that this was a business. After I found out that I couldn’t stop, I realized what is a business.” Now her small company The development of one step by step will increase the annual income by about 600,000 yuan.

November 24, 2018
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