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What is the most important asset of a shanghai translation company?

Translation Asset 1: Translation Memory
Shanghai translation company use the Software that use to store  previous translations in the database and reuses them to complete new document translations. For example, if version 1 of the catalog was translated last month, then 25% of the catalogs in version 2 of this month have been changed, and the translation memory tool will reuse the translations in version 1 and assist translators to update 25%. Translation memory tools help translators get their work done faster and avoid unnecessary and expensive translations.

Translation Asset 2: Glossary
A list of important predefined terms in the source and target languages ​​to ensure that translators use them consistently. Glossary or terminology lists are particularly useful for industry-specific terms . translators rely on vocabulary to save time on researching existing terms, company Rely on them to ensure consistency across all translated materials.

Translation Asset 3: Style Guide
The document specifies the language nuances and customer preferences that the translator must follow. Style guides typically include preferred translations of department names and titles, conventions and formality of metering conversions; for example, tú/ usted is Spanish, or the verb form is Japanese.

November 26, 2018
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