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How can we find a qualified shanghai translation company?

At present, the competition in the translation industry is very fierce. people are paying more and more attention to the requirements of translation quality. The method commonly used by most customers in selecting shanghai translation companies is “trial translation”, and often because “trial translation” is too short, which leads to unhappy disputes in the latter cooperation. Why can’t the “trial translation” result be the decisive criterion for the quality of a shanghai translation company?

First of all, the content of “trial translation” is only a small part of the source file, generally no more than 300 words, and this hundreds of words can not represent the entire translation file. Nowadays, many shanghai translation company cover a wide range of fields. And the translation work is not like other tangible products through the sample to judge the standard and can be tested by some foreign objects such as ruler, steel scale, etc., because the tangible products must have a rigorous qualified code, the test results will certainly be reliable. However, there is no strict regulation on translation work. This particularity cannot be determined by the “sample” according to the conventional method.

At present, the Chinese translation market is confusing, and many shanghai translation companies are willing to self-destruct the integrity for the immediate benefit, and hand over the documents to “temporary” translators after winning the trust of customers by high-quality “trial translation”. After determining the partnership, you can use a fresh translator or student to achieve higher profits. The customer is often ignorant of this, even if they understand the situation, they can’t control it. It is too late to find the problem; the translation can’t be used, and there is no time to rework, but the translation company asks for the payment, then the disputes happen.

The question is coming, so how to choose the shanghai translation company correctly? In particular, there are a lot of shanghai translation companies, and the demand for the market is particularly large. How to choose? This article gave a very good answer: “Trial translation”. In fact, the translation company should have a “responsible” attitude. The “interview” can understand the detailed process and characteristics of the shanghai translation company’s work and their professional field. Through sufficient communication, we can understand whether the shanghai translation company has the characteristics of “responsibility”. As mentioned earlier, the particularity of the translation work determines that it is a “conscience work”. In other words, a responsible translation company may be a good translation company, but an irresponsible translation company can’t be a good translation company! (The important point to be addressed here is to ask the translators of the translation company to participate in the interview, directly talking with the translators, not just the marketing staff of the translation company. Imagine if a translation company uses a part-time translator instead of full-time translator. what are the quality basics of the translation? Not to mention the long-term stable translation quality!)

In summary, as always, work philosophy is also an important measure. Translation companies can’t hide “do not know”, and they must be raised to avoid bringing more losses to customers. An honest child is more lovable than a smart child.

December 2, 2018
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