Application materials for overseas students to settle in Shanghai (including translations of qualified translation agencies)
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Application materials for overseas students to settle in Shanghai (including translations of qualified translation agencies)

In 1924, a Japanese writer, Kokaze Muramatsu, published a book called “Magic City” based on what he saw in Shanghai. This was also the first time that “Magic City” appeared in the world as another name for Shanghai. In the eyes. To this day, whenever people talk about Shanghai and this incredible city, they still can’t find a more intriguing description than this word.

“Magic City Shanghai” has made Shanghai a city with unique charm with its dream, fashion, technology, unique historical features, and a mix of modern and ancient history. As the most prosperous international metropolis in the domestic economy, Shanghai has attracted elite talents from all over the world with its sound talent policy and diverse urban culture. According to the “2019 China Returnees Employment and Entrepreneurship Survey Report”, more than 60% Returnees gather in Shanghai and Beijing.

What preparations should overseas talents do if they want to settle down? The editor takes the Shanghai area where he is located as an example. The official website of the Shanghai One Netcom Office Regarding overseas students and their families to work in Shanghai to apply for a household registration, the list of application materials that need to be prepared is as follows:

1. Legal person business license (or legal person registration certificate) and organization code certificate or unified social credit code (operating in accordance with the license, a license approved by the relevant competent authority must be provided; foreign-invested enterprises, Taiwan-Hong Kong-Macao overseas-invested enterprises must also provide Approval certificate); if the applicant is an unincorporated branch, provide the branch’s business license and organization code certificate, and provide the above-mentioned relevant certificates of the superior legal person (must be stamped with the official seal of the superior legal person) and the authorization letter of the superior legal person.

2. “Application Form for Shanghai Permanent Resident Registration for Returned Overseas Students”

3. The labor (employment) contract signed by the applicant and the returned overseas student

4. Enterprise capital verification certificate (provided by entrepreneurs)

5. Enterprises have paid value-added tax (business tax) or corporate income tax bills (zero tax bills are invalid) for the last 6 consecutive months; provided by entrepreneurs.

6. The company has paid social insurance certificates for employees for the last 6 consecutive months (provided by entrepreneurs)

7. “Foreign Academic Degree Certification Certificate” issued by the Ministry of Education

8. Foreign (overseas) graduation certificate and transcripts; foreign (overseas) training certificate for advanced students (with the translation of a qualified translation agency), “Certificate of Returned Overseas Students” and domestic master’s degree or above Academic degree certificate or associate senior and higher title certificate

9. The corresponding highest academic degree certificate obtained in China before going abroad (overseas); for in-service personnel before going abroad (overseas), the original work unit agrees to transfer or has resigned; those who have work experience abroad (overseas) , Provide the work unit’s labor contract, tax bill or work certificate signed by the person in charge of the agency (it must be accompanied by a translation of a qualified translation agency)

10. Passports, visas and all entry and exit records, resident register and ID card

11. Proof of address for settlement in Shanghai

12. Certificate of Marital Status

13. The child’s birth certificate and legal birth certificate (for those born abroad, a translation from a qualified translation agency is required)

14. Proof of normal payment of social insurance and personal income tax in this city

15. Household register of spouse and children, ID card, proof of address to settle in Shanghai, spouse’s highest domestic academic degree certificate, birth certificate of children (if the spouse is a returnee from studying abroad, provide “foreign academic degree certificate”, passport, visa and all the Entry records; if the child is born abroad, provide a foreign birth certificate and a translation of a qualified translation agency, a Chinese passport or travel permit and visa, entry and exit records; children over 16 years old and enrolled in ordinary high schools need to move with them, Provide proof of student status.)

16. If the spouse has a work unit in this city, provide the labor (employment) contract, unit business license and organization code certificate (must be stamped with the official seal of the unit); if the spouse has a work unit in another province or city, provide the original unit’s agreement to transfer or Proof of resignation

17. If you give up moving with you, provide the resident register and ID card and a written pledge to give up moving with you

Among the many application materials, for non-Chinese expressions, the translation of a qualified translation agency is required. So what kind of translation agency is qualified?

First of all, a qualified translation agency refers to a legally established translation agency approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. The business license includes the category “Translation Services”, and the company name of a translation service agency that focuses on translation services contains the word “Translation Services”. The English name contains the word “TRANSLATION”.

The formal translation company has a complete seal. The official translation company will affix the company seal after the translation is completed to show the confirmation of the consistency between the content of the document and the translation. Formal and qualified translation companies have official seals in Chinese and English (circular), 13-digit coded translation special seals (circular) and special foreign-related seals (circular) filed by the Ministry of Public Security and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

The formal translation company has a fixed office address and a team of full-time translators. Offices with beautiful environment and convenient transportation can facilitate customers to come to discuss translation matters, and a full-time translator team can ensure that the documents are completed with quality and quantity.

Address for submission of application materials for settlement in Shanghai:

Window on the 1st floor of the City Talent Service Center, No. 77 Meiyuan Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai

Time: Monday to Thursday 9:00-11:30 am 13:30-17:00 pm Friday 9:00-11:30 pm 13:30-15:00 (except statutory holidays)

Note: The Shanghai Human Resources Agency announced that starting from July 1, 2020, the social insurance payment base in Shanghai: the upper limit will be raised to 28017 yuan/month; the lower limit will be maintained at 4927 yuan/yuan; the social average salary for settlement will be adjusted to 9339 yuan/ month

Correspondingly, if an international student wants to settle in Shanghai after July, the social security base requirement must meet

(1) Domestic 211 or foreign top 500, 9339 yuan paid for 6 consecutive months

(2) Domestic non-211 and foreign non-top 500, 14008.5 yuan for 12 consecutive months

(3) The talent center pays at the base of 8211 yuan before July, and pays at the base of 9,339 yuan after July, so you can settle down smoothly!

Returnees who want to settle in Shanghai are welcome to contact the best translation company in Shanghai at any time

December 4, 2020
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